Prof. Aloke Kumar's Lab

Vegesina Sarath Chandra Varma’s PhD Thesis Colloquium: “Coalescence of polymeric droplets”
Abhineet Singh Rajput’s MTech(Res) Thesis Colloquium: “Sub-Newtonian coalescence in polymeric fluids“ 
August 2021: Shreyas and Rashmi’s paper is accepted for publication in Acta Astronautica. Congratulations to all authors.
May 2021: Dibyendu Mandal successfully defended his MTech thesis. Congratulations Dibyendu and best wishes for the future.
Feb 2021: Prof. Kumar gives a guest lecture on ‘Space Bricks’ at Columbia University as part of a class on “Space Exploration and Mining” offered by Prof. P. Somasundaran.
Feb 2021: Our review paper on bacterial streamers has been accepted for publication in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. Congratulations to all – Udita, Hessein and Ranajay.
July 2020: Our manuscript titled “Microbially induced calcite precipitation using Bacillus velezensis with guar gum” has been accepted for publication in Plos One. Congratulations to all authors.
July 2020: Simran graduates from IISc. His project with our lab was titled “Launch of a ferromagnetic projectile using a coil gun”. We wish him the best.
July 2020: Our manuscript titled “Space Bricks: From LSS to machinable structures via MICP” has been accepted for publication in Ceramics International. Congratulations to all authors.